LearnerSphere Consulting & Development

LearnerSphere Consulting & Developement

Who We Are

Experts in Full Spectrum Human Resource Management and Development as well as transformation through Learnerships from within company level, making our service a little more unique in its offering.

Coupled with HR Training, Recruitment and Payroll Services we are the one-stop solution to HR without the permanent overhead costs.

We have a vested interest in the advancement of employment and change in South Africa.  

Consulting Services

This function contains all elements of health audits as well as the following services:

– Employment Equity and Skills Grants.

– Disciplinary advice and consultation, including chairperson - essential for an unbiased conclusion and sanction.

– CCMA consultation and representation

– Training for Supervisors and Line Managers on HR Matters

– Facilitation Services

Generic Learnerships through an accredited and well-known corporation:

– Generic Management NQF-1

 (GETC Business Practice – 61755 – 121 Credits)

– Business Administration Services NQF-3

 (NC – 67465 – 120 Credits)

– Generic Project Management NQF-4

 (FETC – 50080 – 136 Credits)

– Business Administration Services NQF-4

 (FETC – 61595 – 140 Credits)

– Generic Management NQF-5

 (NC – 59201 – 162 Credits)

Take the edge out of Salaries and Wages payments and contract our services:

– Payroll: Salaries, Wages and Commission payments.

– Company IRP5’s and Electronic Submissions to SARS.

– Flat Rate on basic only.